Marine, Energy & Infrastructure

Valuation is required for a number of purposes from financing, disposal, purchase all the way through to court settlements. At times, due diligence exercises have to be conducted before the valuation is carried out to determine the existence of the whole asset, especially the large industrials. The core activities of valuation are the site inspection, data collation, analysis and the final valuation itself. At IIV, all valuations are carried out to the highest professional quality and within the guidelines of the Malaysian Valuation Standards (MVS) as well as the International Valuation standards (IVS).

Irhamy international valuation has developed expertise in valuation of special properties, with a focus in Marine, Energy and Infrastructure. These require extensive data and are time consuming. In marine, we deal with seaport and vessels sush as oil and gas tankers. As for energy, we value coal and gas power plants. The portfolio is expanding with new assignments sush as solar power plants. In infrastructure, we have valued rial network, shipyards and fabrication yards.

Carpet Manufacturing Facility

Carpet Manufacturing Facility

Malaysia’s biggest carpet manufacturing facility located in Nilai 3, Negeri Sembilan.

Valuation of Land, Buildings, Plant, Machinery and other related Equipments for financing.

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Irhamy Ahmad

Irhamy Ahmad

Managing Director

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