The Wonders of Agricultural Perak

February 23, 2023

The State of Perak, located in the northwestern part of Peninsular Malaysia, is known for its rich natural resources and fertile lands, making it an actual state in the country’s agriculture output. Historically, the state was colourful with pomp and pageantry under the rules of royalty but dotted by the bloody wars of clans and early immigrants.

In the 19th century, two distinctive societies, Ghee Hin and Hai San were in a long-standing bitter rivalry fuelled by competition for control over various illegitimate enterprises, which led to violence and intimation that often resulted in the loss of life and property damage. As they threatened colonial rule and stability, J.W.W. Birch, the British colonial administrator and the first British resident in Perak, took a reliable measure to suppress all secret societies. However, in his efforts to stamp out such organizations, he was assassinated by a Malay secret society. The assassination had a significant impact on the political landscape of colonial Malaysia. It was a major event in the history of British rule in the region, negatively affecting agricultural production and trade as resources were diverted away from economic development and towards security and conflict resolution.

Rich in natural resources and its diverse geography, from the fertile coastal plains to the mountainous highlands, Perak offers a range of environments for a variety of crops to flourish. The state’s agricultural land supports various crops, including paddy, rubber, palm oil, and fruits and vegetables. This is evident in Perak Tengah District, Hulu Perak District and Hilir Perak District, in the central region, the upper and lower parts of Perak.

All three districts play a significant role in Perak’s economy and contribute to the state’s overall growth and development. The state government has been proactive in promoting the development of the agriculture sector, with initiatives aimed at improving the productivity and profitability of farms and supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Perak’s agricultural land is crucial to the state’s economy and contributes significantly to the country’s overall agricultural output.

Looking through the third quarter of 2022, 987 agricultural properties were transacted in Perak Tengah, Hulu Perak, and Hilir Perak districts. The total value of these transactions was RM111.56 million.

This data suggests a high level of activity in the agricultural property market in these districts, with 987 separate transactions taking place over just three months. The total value of RM111.56 million also indicates significant economic activity in these districts’ agricultural sectors. This data shows a positive sign for the local economy, demonstrating growth and investment in the farming industry in the region.

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