The Upcoming Banting Development Corridor

September 19, 2023

Previously, we shared about the West Coast Expressway (E32), a major highway project in Malaysia. It will connect the Klang Valley to the west coast towns of Peninsular Malaysia and reduce travel time between the two regions by up to two hours. The expressway is expected to boost economic growth in this region, and the property prices already show a significant growth trajectory. Why the town of Banting will start to benefit early, if you may ask? Well, the expressway that ends at the ramp of Changkat Jering toll plaza of the North-South Expressway (PLUS) at Taiping commences at a junction with Selangor State Road FT31 in Banting.

The expressway will allow easier access to Banting for business and tourism and attract more town investment. Banting is the principal town of the Kuala Langat District and is located in the south of Selangor. As it may seem like a faraway place, Banting has been a weekend destination for some since it is associated with Morib Beach, which is known for their excellent seafood restaurants.

Well, a portion of good food is a good mood indeed. Nevertheless, its historical background and significant events in Banting have proven the town’s individuality. It may not come as a surprise, but as an eye-opener for some, Banting was once Selangor’s former royal capital. Historically speaking, the former royal palace of the Selangor royal family was sited in Jugra, a small town in Banting and became the seat of power for the Selangor sultanate for over 20 years. After it was abandoned due to the malaria and cholera outbreak during the 19th century, the Malaysian Government decided to restore the palace. It opened it to the public as a museum. Subsequently, Banting, as a whole, became a popular tourist destination.

The construction of the WCE will positively impact Banting, and completing the expressway will create jobs for the residents. As the expressway makes it easier to commute to Kuala Lumpur, we will see an increase in population in Banting. The town’s proximity to the WCE will make it an attractive accommodation to live, work and visit. This will likely lead to an increase in housing demand and, thence, an increase in property values in Banting, Selangor. Property investors, developers and industrialists should take note.

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