4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Valuation

March 24, 2022


What is a Valuer?

A valuer is a professional who carries out inspections in order to help determine the current market value of the property and/or land. A valuer can be undertaken by an estate agent or by an independent professional (often a qualified surveyor).

Typically, they act on the instructions of a seller or a lending institution that is considering funding the purchase. On top of that, buyers may also appoint a valuer to conduct a property valuation. This is to help them consider a purchase of a property. In addition to structural surveys that assess its physical condition. Furthermore, local authorities can also use valuers to help establish council tax and rating levels.

Valuation is required for a number of purposes from financing, disposal, purchase all the way through to court settlements. At times, due diligence exercises are conducted before the valuation is carried out to determine the existence of the whole asset, especially the large industrials.

These are the tasks taken by the crewmen of Irhamy Valuers International, a valuation firm that provides professional valuation services in Real Estate, Infrastructure, Marine, Energy, Heavy Industry and Plant & Machinery. In addition to that, they also provide strategic advisory across the real estate spectrum which includes M&A, IPO, Feasibility and Market Studies and property management for residential and commercial real estate. 


Now, let’s explore various projects the firm has had the chance to take on in the past: 


1) A Shipyard & Heavy Engineering Fabrication Facility


A shipyard & heavy engineering fabrication facility for ship repairs & vessel conversions. The purpose of the valuation was for corporate advisory.

A corporate advisory provides financial solutions for public and private companies, corporations, financial institutions and government clients. In a nutshell, the service provides strategic and tactical advice in identifying opportunities and strategies for public and private mergers and acquisitions, IPO, capital markets advisory and project advisory.


2. A Heavy Engineering Fabrication Yard


A heavy engineering fabrication yard for ship repairs, vessel conversions & assemblies. The purpose of the valuation was for corporate management.

Corporate management involves the process of leading, administering and directing a company. A business’ success is highly dependent on the success of the corporate management of an organisation. Corporate management are handled by corporate managers who plan, manage and apply a company’s resources so that their objectives are met. 


3. Heavy Construction Machineries and Counterweights


Heavy construction machineries and counterweights for building constructions. The purpose of the valuation was for financial reporting standards.

Financial reporting standards provide principles for boilerplate financial reports and determines the types and amounts of information that is to be handed to users of financial statement which include investors and creditors. It is also considered a type of ‘accounting language’ that stays coherent and consistent across different industries and countries. 


4. A Breeder, Broiler Farm & Processing Plant


A breeder, broiler farm & processing plant for food production. The purpose of the valuation was for financial reporting standards.


5. A Carpet Manufacturing Facility


A carpet manufacturing facility for carpet production. The purpose of the valuation was for financing.

Financing is the process of providing funds for business activities, transactions and investment. The act of financing is often done my banks or investors to provide capital to businesses, consumers, and investors to help them achieve their goals. Financing is an essential aspect to economic systems as it allows companies to buy products outside of their immediate reach. 


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