Damansara – The crème de la crème 2

January 3, 2023

I wrote about the Damansara area being the real estate jewel for fine residential living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This enclave has the most preferred addresses of the rich and famous CEOs, senior civil servants, millionaires or well-heeled individuals. While we previously focused on the vacant detached lots’ prices, this article is about the prices of built-up residences below 10,000 square feet of land. The built-up is generally below 6,000 square feet, making the properties sit in the bracket of the ‘affordable luxury’ of high-end real estate.

We will see from the sampling that the prices range from RM5,000,000 to about RM8,000,000 (RM4.40 = USD 1), and the prices are analyzed to the smallest measurement unit – per square foot /land area and square foot/built-up area. While the former gives a smaller range of RM700 – 970 p.s.f, the latter gives a fascinating picture of the variance between RM1,100 p.s.f to RM2,200 p.s.f.

This may well be the differences in the layout and finishes of the building.

These data are actual transactions and are self-explanatory:

(Source: ivivaluers’s database)

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